BIH Call Center

Our team of marketing research specialist is here to give our welcome customers phone call assistance by locating through our (Product Finder) database, any item or items of your choice that our network of 32 Home Furnishing Companies, may have in there inventory selection. The reason for this type of service, is that many of our merchants have ( In-Store Catalogs) that contain thousands of products, which are not being promoted on there website. These item are thus, deemed as a special order allowing the consumer to choose from a massive selection of products, that was unknown to the online shopper.  That's the reason why Brown International Call Center was create, to have the consumer complete a 7 step process to locate a specific need by using our (Product Finder ) software to narrow down the customer search , saving you time and effort in your search for your Home Furnishing items. Once the 7 step process has been completed. BIH will download picture/images and email them directly to you, for you to make a final decision. There is no better service that you will find online when it come to you purchasing all your home furnishing products.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Main office:   

                                                                                                               525 North Tryon St

                                                                                                              Charlotte NC. 28202

                                                                                                              ph# 1-866-587-5267



Here at Brown International, will we navigate our ( Product Finder ) to answer any question you have.  Enter your request below by completing the first 4 icon to set  up your profile, and let BIH take it from there.  All result will be uploaded and sent  back to you by email. Making your online shopping online experience easy.